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The Story of Dora Armor

Dora Armor is a watch company based in Stuttgart, Germany. 

Simplistically composed, the watches were created by a German student who has carried the inspiration of one woman’s fierce will throughout his life.

A powerful muse by every sense of the word, Dora was her name. Equally inspired, was her “armor.” It protected her from what would hamper her quest for abiding happiness.

This watch collection is a homage to this woman. This is her story.

Our Watch Collection

All watch styles come in two sizes, suitable for woman (36mm) and men (40mm).

Design 1: Elegance I

Design 2: Elegance II

Design 3: Simplicity I

Design 4: Simplicity II

Components and Materials

The Design

Dora Armor represents refined and modest design at its finest. The strive for simplicity as the ultimate sophistication makes it intriguing.

We believe in keeping it simple, using elegant lines and letting the apparition of the watch speak for itself.

All the models are charaterized by simplicity and elegance, combining clean aesthetic design with distinctive contrasts.

Our Essential Intent

We wanted to create something emotional for people who appreciate simple design and beauty.

Watches are very personal things – expressions of who you are.

Wearing a Dora Armor watch is a banner of minimalism. This watch is an instrument of supreme quality and a symbol of simplicity that you can wear proudly.

Design 1: Elegance I

36mm, Rose Gold case and white dial

Design 2: Elegance II

36mm, Rose Gold case and black dial

Design 3: Simplicity I

40mm, Black case and white dial

Design 4: Simplicity II

40mm, Black case and black dial

What others think about us

This is truly the most minimalisitc watch I have ever seen. I love the message behind the story.


Finally a watch with a blank dial while still being able to read the time. The weigh feels perfect.


The story is both unconventional and compelling. I have never heared someone dedicating a watch to a girl.


About us

My name is Pit Wahl and I created Dora Armor in 2018.

I would never have dreamed that meeting a young Chinese woman while studying in Changchun, China would influence the trajectory of my life.

I can only qualify the experience by saying, she had an unpretentious elegance and a simplistic will in her approach life.

It utterly changed me, and it had to be showcased in Dora Armor.